Major beauty companies have long relegated health and beauty needs of people of color to niche markets. As a result, many companies addressing the needs of people of color are small businesses, with little funding or media reach to generate mass interest. Few networking opportunities mean these companies often find themselves isolated and unable to reach their target audiences in a deliberate and exhaustive way. Likewise, people of color often find the search for these companies slow and arduous.
     Robin, Jasmine, and Jenae Harris are all too familiar with this experience. As Black women originally from suburban Minneapolis, they were used to a lack of health and beauty products addressing their needs. Tired of spending extra money ordering full-size products online, that is if they can find them, only to be disappointed after a few uses; frustrated by the inability of existing subscription boxes to include products made for them, HuesBox was born.
     HuesBox is more than a subscription box service. It is a full-scale community created to connect people of color interested in all things health and beauty and encourage entrepreneurship in communities of color. When we began creating HuesBox, we realized that there were so many individuals creating amazing products, but they were also having difficulty reaching their target market and scaling up to develop a broader reach. We see HuesBox as the link between these small businesses and their target audience of people of color. That means if HuesBox is successful, so are all the companies we work with. Try products, learn about small businesses, read the stores of others and join the conversation! Via blog posts, podcast episodes, video product reviews, and product samples, HuesBox hopes to jumpstart a movement aimed at bringing to the forefront public discussions on health and beauty issues for people of color.

Welcome, enjoy, and embrace your hue!