Launched in November 2016 as the inaugural brand for The Hues Company, the monthly subscription box highlights minority-owned HBW brands using sample products, tools and information on traditions passed down in communities of color to help improve their overall health, beauty, and wellness. A beauty and wellness profile summarizing individual needs helps ensure subscribers receive useful products regardless of skin tone, hair texture, or current wellness situation.


Core to The Hues Company is creating conversations about self-care, health, and wellness in communities of color where such discussion is often avoided. Hues Media is the online web platform dedicated to public discourse on HBW topics in these communities. Central to the platform is a searchable database of multi-media content including anecdotes and opinions written by a rotating cast of HBW influencers, video hair and makeup tutorials, nutrition plans, important market and socio-cultural research, product reviews, a minority-owned small business catalogue, dedicated mental health discussions via a variety of themes, and a weekly podcast where The Hues Company founders discuss current events involving, and personal experiences with HBW.  


The Hues Esteem Campaign celebrates the diversity of experiences and beauties across the diaspora. "Hues Esteem" is a multi-media campaign exploring issues of representation, community, and pride across communities of color. Videos highlight the wide range of skin tones and cultures in the U.S., a photo spread editorializes the beauty of diversity, and roundtable discussions give voice to social concerns of underrepresented groups.


A series of one day events in honor of public and/or entertainment events to connect minority-owned brands with high level influencers whose attention is hard to capture for many small businesses. These events are usually reserved for brands already dominating the market using a high cost of participation, often starting at$10K, to keep out minority-owned small businesses without access to considerable capital.